Osool Entertainment

Meet Lambee the fun freak!
Lambee awaits you to disclose his super amazing stories. Be ready to hit the ground with oodles of energy. Discover KSA's brand new indoor playground where fitness meets fun. Packed with lively activities, Lambee is sure to delight every member of your family. Lose yourself in a world of sheer joy and happiness. A world of your dreams.
Quench your thirst for adventure at Fizz
Fizz surprises you with an exciting range of indoor adventure exercises. Choose from an exhaustive palette of activities like zipline, trampoline, rope courses and other crazy stuff. Take up the challenge and get into shape your heartbeat racing!
Tashweesh is an upcoming arcade gaming brand
Focusing on the new trends of gaming like VR gaming, augmented reality and not forgetting the traditional arcade consoles. The idea is to provide a perfect blend of futuristic-retro gaming atmosphere.
DOOS Karting
Experience the Addictive Fun with KSA's first ever electric karts. These punchy little sophisticated karts are just what "Speedsters" dreamt of. What's more, master the twists and turns of kart racing I a fully air-conditioned arena.
Sounds Cool?
Get behind the wheels for a fun filled day of excitements with your family.